Friday, July 11, 2008

Megan is in NY

I know I have been negligent with my blog.... I am only cheating myself. We were on vacation and I have been trying to get my kitchen cleaned out to prepare for my new one (woo hoo). After our trip to Michigan, Megan left for NY with my mom. She is currently on day 4 of 13...but who is counting??? I miss her!! She is doing great. My mom seems to love having her and my sister is really spending a lot of time with her too. She is in the spotlight and sure is sucking it up while she can. I can't believe she is so confident and strong to do this at 8. I NEVER, NEVER would have went somewhere without my parents when I was 8. I think I cried every day of my entire school year when I was 8....or was that 7. Honestly, Dutch and I don't know where her strength comes from. Joshua is missing her. He does well with most things, but talking to her on the phone is really tough. Megan's agenda is chock full with trips to the mall, swimming pool, bike riding, she even has a trip to the American Girl store in NY city for Tea! I am so jealous!
I can not tell you how proud I am of her. She is such a big girl. She calls me every day about 3 times a day... and I LOVE it. I love her voice on the phone and I miss her.