Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween. I don't think this holiday was ever designed to be as much work as it is. The founders of Halloween must not have had kids in day care and in school. The whole week is in preparation of the actual day. Making sure costumes are ready to go, doing make up run throughs, buying candy, carving pumpkins for home, buying treats for daycare and school, creating contest winning pumkins for school, packaging goodie bags, packing clothes, packing costumes, ......Was it really meant to be so hard?

This year I had the brilliant (I mean stupid) idea of making the kids costume myself. 1 it would be cheaper…. # 2 it would be more original. Just for the record, I don’t sew and I am NOT crafty. So off we go to Joanne’s fabrics to see what we can find. Megan sees this awesome red silky fabric with black skulls. So we decide it would make a very different devil cape…. We get it measured and cut. Joshua sees this really cool silky material with flames on it. It would make a great vampire cape. Sort of a ghost rider/vampire look. We get it cut. As we head to the check out we pick up a few more items. Well the fabric came to $27. As I am checking out, I see a complete ready to wear vampire outfit for $9. UGH!! Well then the fabric kept sticking in my MIL’s sewing machine when I tried to hem it. It was very difficult. BUT…. Determination prevailed. We tested their outfits last night and they look great. I will do their make up pale with heavy black eyes. I got red spray and will stripe Megan’s hair and I got black gel to spike Josh’s hair with black. He also has a matching flame material doo rag for the Ghost Rider look. They will definitely be original. But next year, we are buying the plastic costume at walmart.

PICS of Halloween to appear next....