Sunday, June 26, 2016

The strength of Megan never ceases to amaze me. The girl is probably the most hardworking, ethical, dedicated person that I know. She has never been given a super easy path and that has not stopped her one bit. I can honestly say she handled all the twists and turns, disappointments and achievements better than her parents this year. As we struggled with emotions and what to say and how to explain adult behavior and decisions....she basically employed the "Cry for 5 minutes rule". You know... cry for 5 minutes and then pull your self up, set your goals, and get out there and tackle them head on. As she sat in the hotel room in March, all I could do was hug her and wipe her tears. She then proceeded to spend the next 14 weeks supporting her team mates in whatever capacity she knew how. She sat back week after week watching someone play her spot just so they could get a nonsensical award. She did her reps knowing that her role was to hit the ball. She cheered knowing that even after 6 years of travel ball she was not respected the same as the others. On the outside, she was also trying to prove her worth to her OTHER coach. Always the first to sit. Always the first to cheer. She would leave days of play with tears in her eyes because she felt inferior. He would say that she was his starting first baseman just a month she was his starting benchwarmer. Enough was enough... stop the insanity. One day the team would be stronger than the coach. One day her peers would recognize her strength more than the adults that surround her. And one day, she would not let them down. Thrust into the starting first base position just in time for the playoffs. No chemistry built over the season. No trust developed between the others. the only thing that could be counted on was that this was the structure that would help get to the big show. Well she stepped right in. Did what had to be done and helped get the team to the finals. Megan has had the emotional fortitde these past weeks that not many teenagers would. People have doubted her, but she plugged on. trusting that at some point, someone would see her. Someone did! Now she shines! She proved to everyone that she is the "go to kid". She is the one that people can count on. She