Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hello Again

I have been super busy lately which is no excuse for not writing, but I am going to try getting back to it.

I wanted to hop on here and tell everyone about the awesome time Megan has had lately. She really is becoming quite the grown up and has accomplished alot lately. Megan is in Third Grade. She is 8 years old. A couple months back Megan brought home a brochoure to invite her to compete in a writing contest. She had to write a fictional story. Megan was inspired to write her story about our dog Lucy...but made it a "Day in the life of Lucy". It was a nice story about a dog that goes to doggey day care. A couple months passed after the submission of her story and she was called to the principals office. Megan has never been asked to the Principals office before so she admitted to me and her dad that she was very nervous. She was afraid she was in trouble and couldn't remember what she could have done wrong. The principal told her she was very proud of Megan and that she had won the writing contest for the 3rd grade. WOW. Winning this contest qualified Megan to attend an award ceremony at a near by college (Grove City College) where an overall winner will be announced and a reading of all the entries will occur. The day was beautiful and her dad and I were so proud. The day after Megan learned of the contest winning, Megan had Cheerleading practice. At this practice one of her friends told Megan that one of her paintings from Art class was being displayed in front of the office at school. Megan and I went to take a look and sure enough there was this great painting of a male, with glasses and spiked hair. I asked Megan what the project was and she said that they had to paint someone they loved....she chose her brother!! How sweet. The next accomplishment for Megan was that she had Cheerleading tryouts. She had 3 practices and then had to try out. (not really comfortable with 8 year olds trying out, but it was beyond my control). Well, needless to say Megan made the squad. Yea. So we thought Megan's winning streak was over when we were at her basketball game yesterday and her team and the other team were tied up. They went into overtime and were still tied at the end of the overtime. They had to do free throws. Megan was the last one from her team to have to throw and the other team had 1 more to go. It was up to her throw weather or not they won or not. The pressure was mounting. Her dad was screaming... MEGAN, YOU HAVE TO GET THIS.... Megan didn't look nervous at all... SHE GOT THE SHOT!!!

I don't know if I can take much more. She is on such a streak. WAY TO GO MEGAN.