Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The blessings of 6 weeks...

Tiny twister is the name of this blog and tiny twister is the perfect analogy for the last 6 weeks at the Hepler house. We have been lucky enough to have a special visitor this year. My mom has been with us for about 6 weeks. I think there are times when she wishes she could escape, but times that she wishes she could stay forever. We have had some hilarious moments and some frustrating moments. Luckily, I think we have had more funny moments. She plans on leaving next Saturday. I think we have agreed that she will have to leave in stealth mode in the middle of the night and leave the reckage for me to address in the morning. Joshua is not going to take her leaving lightly. The mere mention of the thought threw him into tears last week. He has come to depend on his Grandma Mac being there in the morning, allowing him to manipulate "1 more episode of Diego" out of her before he gets dressed, laughing at his funny bodily movements (I'm not kidding, that boy can shake his booty), and making her smile just before he drifts off to sleep in her arms. Megan will miss her grandma too, but realizes it is only temporary and she will be back soon. She considers grandma her friend and only a few times got scoulded by yours truly for talking to grandma too much like a buddy.... with the tone, eyes and all. "grandma is your grandmother and deserves your respect...." Dutch will miss my mom for his own selfish reasons....his laundry lady is leaving, his backup day care transporter is heading out, and his home cooked meal maker is gone after Saturday. It will be back to smelly clothes, taxi driving the kids, and bad dinners.
I will miss my mom for completely different reasons. This 6 weeks has been special because she did not just see a snap shot of my life, she saw my life. The good, the bad and the ugly. We created new traditions with her in town and let her mould into some of the Hepler's long standing traditions. We had tea time in the evening. I had an extra person to talk to. As much as she wants to THINK she has overstayed her welcome, she knows in her heart that is not true. That could never be. I can honestly say that neither Dutch or I have complained about her being with us for this long of a time. What a blessing that is. So now as she packs her stuff to "move out" of Megan's room, I hope she has as fond memories of the 6 weeks as we do.
Now... the last 2 I have to break the news to is Lucy and the cat, Brandi. That will be a WHOLE other story!

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