Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day

Mother's Day is the 1 day a year I get treated like a queen. For reasons I do not know or understand... Dutch really goes all out for Mother's day. He has been doing this for years... I guess since Megan was a baby. Megan was born the Tuesday AFTER Mother's day. That year, Dutch was annoyed. Annoyed that I wouldn't give him his baby for mother's day. Ever since, he makes a big deal of it and wants my mom and his mom around too. Mother's day generally starts with breakfast. Not breakfast in bed or anything, but he makes us a nice home cooked breakfast. Then, as the mom's go shop, he works around the house and prepares for the big meal. For dinner, he makes everone (the 3 mom's) whatever they want for dinner. This is literally ala carte. If his mom wants a pork chop, she gets a pork chop. If my mom wants a steak, she gets a steak. If I want chicken, I get chicken. He makes certain that we all get our favorites. Dutch also gets us all something all on his own. This year I received a really cool haning basket. It has these "flowers" that look like red cat tails hanging from it. I think he does such a great job honoring all the mothers in his life.

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