Friday, June 20, 2008

Joshua's 4th Birthday

How awful of a mom am I?? My son's birthday was 3 days ago and I let it come and go without writing a wonderful, glowing post about him, just like I did for his sister a month ago. I know, I know, second child syndrome. Good think I don't have more kids, because not only would their post be late, but it wouldn't exist at all... what blog...what kid?

My Joshua turned 4 years old on June 17!!! FOUR!!! I can not believe he is already 4 years old. As I sit here writing this, I have a few pictures in front of me that have covered his life span. He so adorable at every stage. He is so different than Megan. He has an equally warm and kind heart, but he is a class clown in the making. He is hilarious and he knows it. He DOES think of his sister no matter where he is. The other day he came home from daycare with a picture he drew. It is a picture of Megan if she were a Ladybug....How cute is that. If we go through a bank drive thu and a Megan is not with us... He asks for a sticker for her too. That is his kind heart. But difficult... YES!! In order to get him to get his jammies on, you have to beg, borrow, steal, threaten...etc. If you ask him to let you help him brush his teeth... he generally replies.. NO.. DADDY Helps me. (UGH!!!) He is the king of manipulation through simple little demands or comands like that. C'mon Josh, I'll buckle your seat belt. no... DADDY does it. You would think this makes my life easy. Daddy can just do it all while I sit back. But it is not that easy. If daddy isn't around...It is a five minute fight to buckle up (believe me I win). If daddy isn't home the tooth brushing can go on and on. I just love him, but he has definately given me LOTS of gray hair. He loves sports of all kinds. He is in baseball. He is the youngest player and just loves the running and batting. He wants to play hockey... he wants to dirt bike, he wants to play football... He is going to be a jock. With his glasses, he has really gained more self confidence and coordination. He is famous for his glasses. Josh has gotten to the point where he asks for them at times of need. That is awesome. His babysitter laughs that he doesn't want them for lesson, but asks for them with legos. Ah, the priorities of a 4 year old. This weekend we are having his buddies over for a fishing birthday party. He is so excited and can hardly wait... except for one thing. He is mad that girls are coming. WHAT? Oh.. it is ok if his "girlfriend" Jenna comes, but doesn't want his girl daycare buddies to come. We had to have the graciousness discussion. I can't wait to see how he interacts with the kids and see if he is as great a host as Megan always is. Here are a few pics to show Josh's progression.

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