Friday, June 27, 2008

Meeting Dutch

I promised during the creation of this blog to write about how Dutch and I met. Picture it... (any golden girl fans in the audience)... SlipperyRock, April 1995, I was on my way home from a night out at my usual dance joint... Friscos. I was the designated driver. I was going to graduate school full time, working a full time job and living on my own. My friend (honest to God, I can't even remember her name now... blonde curly hair.. soccer player....) wanted to stop at THE SHED on the way home. The Shed was a local hick bar that the "guy of the week" was going to be. She wanted to see him and moreover... let him see her. I was tired. In those days, I could go out 3-4 nights a week, hold a full time job and go to school without passing out... but I was still tired. I told her we would stop, but only for 5 minutes. AGREED. No more than 5 minutes after we walked in... here come 3 local "country" boys. 1 was super shy... 1 was super mad... 1 was outgoing and adorable. (let's see... can you pick which one was Dutch??). There I sat, waiting for my friend to decide if her man was there or not when this guy starts talking to me. I was so DONE with men by this point in my life... The only guys interested in me were either foreign, a different race, or married. I said to him... "you know... I only talk to nice guys... are you a nice guy?" What a STUPID question!!! Yes.. I'm nice... really nice... just ask anyone in here...They will tell you. Why didn't I see the obvious... why does everyone in here know you??? So... I obliged and asked around. Everyone did think he was nice. Even my landlord who happened to be there for his nightly liquid dessert. On my way to the bathroom a few minutes later, I hear him talk to his buddies about me. Something about my legs... I was much cuter and thinner then. When I got back to my seat, he asked me if I would like to borrow his pants. You see it was April... I was in shorts (shorty shorts) and I was cold. He had shorts under his pants. He then asked me to go out sometime... I said, "Sure, call me.". His shy friend then went on about how he would never call because he was too much of a chicken. How he was going away for the weekend (it was Easter) and he would never call on Monday like he said... Balk, Balk Chicken Man. So, there it ended...
I went to NY to see my family for Easter... he went trout fishing. Monday came. NO CALL.
8:30.. NO CALL. Well. I have his number, I called him.
A woman answered. Said she would have him call back. I hung up thinking, GREAT, He's married.
An hour later... I got a call. It was Dutch. We talked for so long. He asked me out on 2 dates right then and there. One for Tuesday (the next day) and one for Wednesday. Gosh... how would I get out of this one.
We saw Pulp Fiction on our first date and then he took me to see some friends fishing on the way home (I KNOW.... Why didn't I realize).
That is how we met...

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