Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time Off

I have taken some unexpected time off from blogging. I really intend on updating this more than I do, but I have limited time. I had the opportunity to spend a week and half with my mom. She came out to help me and Dutch out with transportation for Megan's cheer camp. We just love having her out here. The kids really enjoy having both grandma's accessible to them. I think my mom really enjoyed her time with us, despite the fact that we couldn't convince her to stay and watch Megan cheer at the Rodeo next week. Grandma's are fun!! We had a hysterical grandma moment at the Regatta last Saturday.

Every year we attend our local lake's Regatta. It is a small affair, but perfect for us with our pontoon boat. We get there around lunch time, enjoy buying carnival type food and walking around a craft fair, we boat around and then stay for fireworks at dark. Fireworks from the boat is one awesome sight. When we docked for the craft fair, there was not actual docks available. We had to pull to shore and tie off. This means we had a moderat size step off the boat to the shore. This was no trouble for the kids as they flew off the boat into the water, but for the 3 other adults I was with... a bit challenging. My mom had arthritis in her knees, ankles and feet, Dutch's mom had a knee injury last year and still fosters some fear, and Dutch recently had a knee injury that has left him with weakness and pain. Hmmmmm Dutch gets off first with little or no problem, Mom in law 2nd with some assist from Dutch. Then it was time for my mom. I tried convincing her that she could trust herself. She is capable of more than she thinks. She wasn't buying it. Mom in law suggested that she sit first and then get off. So... down to one knee she goes, then to 2. Now she is tall kneeling... what to do, what to do. She gets down to her bum somehow, but facing the wrong direction. So she give a roll the side only to hit her head on the boat's wall and roll turtle like to her back. At this point, I am giggling a bit, Dutch is smirking (afraid to laugh at my mom) and Norma has a smile on her face. Shortly after the roll, you hear Megan comment.... "Oh gosh, here we go with the Sit, Tuck and Roll" perfectly summing up the appearance. Well that does it.... we all busted up laughing with a bit of control in the bunch of us.

So for the next day and a half we talked about how great grandma is doing the Sit, Tuck and Roll for all of us.

We love her "sit, tuck and roll" or not!!!

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