Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a month (or 2 or 3) it has been!

I have taken another unwanted hiatus from writing in my blog. I started this with the intention of writing every day, that turned to once a week, then once a month... now, I'll be happy if I write on every leap year. UGH!

This week warrants a writing. My kids are hilariously awful. Joshua leads the week with his attempt of being a Knight in "rusted" Armour with his sword fights. Several events led up to "the phone call". Earlier in the week, Joshua came home and mentioned to me that he had to nap at Connie's in his underwear. I asked him why he had to do that and he said he got pee on his pants (do you know where this is headed yet?). I asked him why he got pee on his pants. He mumbled something about Tony and swords and because I was called off to force (I mean encourage) Megan to do her homework, I let it go. Yea Josh, great, swords....wonderful. Well then I hear later in the week that Joshua got pee on Tony on a completely different day, "by accident". How do you get Pee on accident??? Anybody....Anybody....Bueller??? Well then finally "the call" came to me at work. I answer to an ever pleasant and kind Connie. She said that she wanted to call and let me know that Joshua had a REALLY bad day. (Not as bad as his buddy Saxon, after you hear this) Apparently, when the kids are outside at daycare, the boys are permitted to pee on a tree. This is actually done for safety sake. She doesn't want kids running in and out of the house without supervision. Makes sense to me and hey... this is Western Pennsylvania. So anyway... Joshua and Saxon had to pee at the same time and so there they go to the nearest tree. All of a sudden, Connie hears Saxon screaming.. "NO JOSHUA... STOP IT, STOP IT JOSHUA!!" So Connie goes to check out the commotion and finds that Joshua is PEEING on SAXON's FOOT!! He is playing SWORDS. And his weapon is his ... MMmmm Hmmmm. UNBELIEVABLE. So as calmly as possibile, I listen to this story at work. All I can think of is "where did he come up with this???" Much to Dutch's frustration... I blamed him. Dutch informed me that he DOES NOT play swords with Josh and it is probably just a phase Josh is in. I am relieved to know that my 40 something husband does not view his unit as a SWORD. I beg of you other mothers of boys.... IS THIS NORMAL? Josh has since been corrected and punished and will no longer be seen peeing on his friends. That does NOT make for a good friendship.

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