Saturday, September 27, 2008

2nd half of the week

So.. that PEE story was the first half of the week... The second half of the week involves Megan. This is not a story of her "awfulness" but of her ingenuity. One day on our way to pick up Joshua, (probably the PEE day) Megan tells me this story of a conversation she had with a friend. Megan was trying to convince Ellie that Megan is a tomboy. Ellie says... No you are not Megan, you like pretty things too. You are either a Tomboy or you are not. There is no... 1/2 way. Megan then breaks out of her story to tell me...
Mom.. I am a tomboy some of the time, and a girly girl some of the time. I can do that you know. I concur. Yes. You can be both, depending on your mood. Then Megan replies: (now brace yourself any Republicans out there. This is awesome)
I like to hunt and fish with my dad.
I like to dress up, wear make up and use purses.
I like to do it all.
I am just like SARAH PALIN!!!!!

Don't you LOVE IT!!! WAHOO!!! Finally a role model for my girl! (by the way... Megan is only 8!!!)

Have a great weekend everyone! (GO MCCAIN/PALIN)

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