Friday, July 23, 2010

Some People...

2010 is a landmark year for me.  I seem to be stepping up, stepping out and standing up for myself.  I am so tired of people taking advantage of me and my family that I am now becoming assertive and standing my ground. I don't understand why some people feel the need to step all over others just to get an advantage.  It seems that it is the new way to behave.  What ever happened to FAIRNESS?  Doesn't any one else have any integrity and pride?  When it comes to leading children, it seems that some organizations can be so corrupt.  That is not what I want to teach my child and am shocked that so many people are ok with this.  I am trying to teach my kids that hard work, dedication and confidence is what it takes to succeed.  I try to teach them that even if they have "connections" in a situation, success is not guaranteed.  Unfortunately, it seems that everyone is fighting my theories.  Parents are becoming coaches and advisors just to give their kids a "heads up".  What is this all about?  Are they so threatened that they may not succeed that they need to hold another child down?  Shameful!! I feel like it is my fight against society.  Let's give kids all an equal footing.  Let's teach them to be TEAM players that all work together.  Let's teach them to be truely happy for other peoples success and not jealous of others accomplishments.  Let's teach them that it is ok to fail sometimes... and that is honorable to win too.  I know this sounds all so ideal... but if we all put ourselves in someone elses shoes for one moment, we would be better people. 

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