Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OMG the drama...

Last night was very dramatic.  Having a daughter that is EXACTLY like myself and a son that is EXACTLY like his dad is very frustrating sometimes.  Megan has had a very busy week.  It is Cheer Camp week.  It is HOT.  She and her fellow rah-rah girls cheer for 6 hours a day.  They are hard core, in your face, high flying, cheer junkies.  After cheer this has been a good week for the pool.  So we rush off to pick up Joshua and head to the pool for 2 hours.  After 2 hours in the sun, running, swimming and playing, we head home for a QUICK dinner and then she is off with Dutch to practice softball for her upcoming Silver Creek Starz tryouts.  She spends about 2 hours lobbing balls to her dad and brother.  Well Megan walks in at 9:30 last night in TEARS.  She doesn't know what she is crying about.  She is dirty, sobbing and exhuasted.  This is where she is JUST LIKE ME.  When I am tired, I am a sobbing MESS.  I cry at NOTHING.  I cry at EVERYTHING.  So, I put her dirtly little butt to bed and tried to lay down with her a little while.  We kept getting silly interuptions.  Joshua came in.  He wanted to know if he could have a bowl of cereal.... UM you dad is out in the kitchen.  Ask him.  (off he went).  The dog came in.  Lucy wanted to know what kind of cuddling was going on without her.  Kissed Megan a few times and then heard the cereal box in the kitchen so off she went. Joshua came in again.  This time he wanted me to check to see if he had 2 testicals instead of one... right now (seriously... there may be an issue, but that is for a different post).  Really, Josh.  Really... you want me to check for that right now... while I am cuddling with Megan?  So off he went... back to the living room. That was the part that explained how Josh is JUST LIKE DUTCH.  He likes to eat, he has very little focus and likes this WOO WOO looked at.    Back to cudding next interruption, the cat.  In comes our cat, Brandi.  We can never find her.  She lives her life around us.  But at this moment she wants to be seen and heard.  She purrs and flops herself down between Megans feet.  This is when I had just about enough.  I gave Megan a hug and a kiss... told her I love her and went to bed in my own room.

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