Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day Jitters....whose jitters?

I know it is is every parents dream to raise self confident, self reliant, independent, responsible children.  But when it actually happens before your eyes it is sometimes hard to watch.  It is kind of like riding a  rollercoaster trying to cover your eyes but watch all at the same time. Josh and Megan started the 2010 - 2011 school year yesterday.  Joshua started kindergarten and Megan is going into 5th grade! They were pumped.  They both had a great night sleep.  How could that be?  I could NEVER sleep the night before the first day of school.  I still can't.  I woke up yesterday with bags the size of the grand canyon under each eye.  They woke chipper and ready for the day. Megan helped fix Josh breakfast and get dressed because her role as big sister just got a little bit more "important".  Josh has had his outfit picked out for over a month now and was dying to wear his new shoes.  Both grandmas were slated to come comfort me watch the kids get on the school bus.  The kids, Dutch and I made our way outside about 10 minutes early to greet the grandmas and take the needed pictures.  I started to cry inside but managed to stop before we went out.  Well, I cried again when we got out there...and again when the bus came...and again when the bus left...and again when we talked about it.  Megan was such a proud big sister.  She offered to take Josh to introduce him to all her friends ont he bus, take him to his class room and do all the nice sisterly things.  She was the protector. The bus finally peaked the hill and was on its way down to our house.  Even Lucy was anxious to see the kids off to school.  When the bus door opened, Josh and Lucy made his way up the steps only turning around to smile for the camera. He had a grin from ear to ear.  Megan followed in her caring way.  As tears poured down my face I saw him through the tinted bus windows... still smiling.  He was ready.  Both of them are so confident in what they do.  They are so independent and smart.  Although they fight, when it matters most they come together as a powerful team.  It seems the only one nervous, tired, crying, worried and scared was.... ME!! 

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