Thursday, August 5, 2010

Super mom

Between yesterday and today I think I clocked enough miles on my odometer to equal a trip to Texas and back.  Holy cow the logistics of running a house hold.  Kids and I had dentist appointments yesterday.  I had to leave work early to get there.  From there it was a hair color touch up for me then home to my mom's.  I had made dinner the night before so that my mom only had to stick it in the oven for me.  We ate in lighting speed and off to cheer practice and parent meeting.  Finally at 8:10 we were on our way back home.  WHEW.  Today is not much better.  I have to leave early again to get Josh to the eye doctor.  Dutch had the day off so he got the pleasure of getting them BACK to the dentist for cavity fillings.  In the process, Megan has determined she has an ear ache that is not going away.... she called the scheduling coordinator, mom, to make her an appointment.  Um... not gonna fit in the day unless Dad takes her there and I take Josh to eye doctor.  Hard to believe that all that can fit in a day!!

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