Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another funny moment

I was talking to the girls at work the other day when a story about Josh entered my mind. When he was 2 he loved horses. His favorite thing in the whole world was horses, rodeos, cowboys etc. Even his faorite movie was about a horse. The Black Beauty. Only problem was he couldn't really say the U properly in Bea - U- Ty. So when asked what his favorite movie was, he would say... Black Booty. Of course we would get a huge kick out of that, especially Dutch that would tell everyone that Black Booty was his favorite movie too...

Josh is getting to be such a big boy. Yesterday he received a raving review from Connie (his babysitter) about his ability to do all the necessary Pre-Writing Skills. He can trace letters, write his name (no TOP on the J, according to the new school guidelines), and connect dots. He acts like he can't do it and then little by little develops the confidence until his work is all done in lesson. By the time his lesson is over, he is beaming with pride just as Connie is.

Way to go Joshua!

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