Monday, April 28, 2008

First Communion

Megan receives her First Communion this weekend, May 4-2008. This is a Catholic sacrement that represents a childs acceptance of Jesus' body and blood. I remember my first communion as if it were yesterday and have told Megan stories about it. It was April 19, 1980. I looked angelic in my white knee length dress and my pearl crown. I was estatic because I was chosen to carry up one of the "gifts" just before the priest presents the communion. I waited and waited for my cue and when it finally happened, my mom had to give me a shove to get going... Megan was assigned a couple responsorial psalms and also gets to bring up a gift. I think I am more excited than she is. She too will look so angelic in her dress. It is tea length and she has the most awesomist (her words, not mine) silver sandals. Her veil is a gift from a family friend, Angie. That is very special. Here is her dress... I will post more pics when we have more.
We have a variety of friends and family coming for the event and hope to have a very nice party afterward. I hope Megan's communion day is as special to her as mine is to me.
Some memories from my communion:
1. My friend Kim in her Green plaid pants, red shirt, white sandals and socks... (ok, so it isn't a memory, I actually have evidence)
2. My mom always forcing me and Jonathan to be photographed. Mom, have you and Ruthy admitted that we will not be married?
3. My hand made pink dress with little roses that I wore after the ceremony
4. My mom having "1 too many" and giving away her Spaghetti Sauce "recipe" to my Godfather

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