Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Too Pretty

We finally made our way through all the commotion and ceremonies of Great Grandma's services. Despite the fact that Dutch and I second guessed our parenting all weekend, it was pretty uneventful. All of his cousins had their little children there for all the viewings and the funeral... We gave Megan the choice and she chose to go for 10 minutes. I just don't think kids need to be running around dead people and seeing all the sadness.

Anyway, speaking of pretty.... one of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog occured the other day. Megan was heading to school and had on her Nike warm up pants and a Steelers T shirt. She still looked adorable. On the way out of the house she asked me: "mom, do I look too pretty?" Odd question I thought... "no, Megan, you look real cute". "No, mom.... do I look TOO, TOO Pretty?" What is with this kid.... "Megan, you look pretty, why???!!!". "Cause mom, I just don't feel like being too pretty today". I practically fell down our horrific 16 stairs.... How hilarious.... to be 7 years old and wearing gym clothes thinking that you are TOO PRETTY. I sure wish I had that sense of self esteem. (thought to self... Perhaps I shouldn't wear this new lipstick, I certainly don't want to be too pretty today. I better not buy these new pants... they make me look TOO, TOO Pretty).

When do we loose that? I hope Megan never looses that. Hopefully when she is 14 and having a bad hair day, I can pull this back up and show her that she once had the self confidence that could not waiver. Megan will never be TOO PRETTY in my eyes, because she is as beautiful as God (and a little work from Dutch and I) could ever create. Thanks Megan for the adorable memory. You Are Beautiful!!

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