Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What are those cows doing mommy?

Ok... Hilarious story.... Everyday on the way home from picking up Joshua from daycare, we pass several cows and several horses. We "pretend" they are our animals. We have named them and we look for them everyday to "talk" to them. Yesterday on our way home, Megan fell asleep and it was just me and Joshua talking. As we passed "our" cows... one of them was trying to "climb" on top of the other.... Uh oh.
Joshua: "wow, mommy, look at that!!"
Mommy: "yep... neat huh?" (Ok... I am going to take the "dumb" approach here)
Joshua: "What are they doing mom?"
Mommy: "um, Gosh... I don't know, what do you think they are doing?"
Joshua: "I know what they are doing!!"
Mommy: "(sweating) what... what are they doing?"
Joshua: "They are boyfriend and girlfriend"
Mommy: "Ohhhhhh yeeeeah???? (Sweating more...)
Joshua: "Yep, they are boyfriend and girlfriend". "Boyfriends and girlfriends watch each other's backs"...
Mommy: "They what?" (Sweating profusley)
Joshua: "Yep, they watch each others back... like when one does a good job, the other pats them on the back and says... GOOD JOB".

Lets get home Joshua... Mommy needs a drink....

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