Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Joshua Moments

Joshua has a lot of funny, no... hilarious episodes on a day to day basis. I want to try an search for a few in my memory and get them jotted down here, before they are gone forever.

1. One day in the back of the minivan, we hear a growl and a grumble. Then a Thud and another... then out ouf the mouth of an innocent 2 year old we hear... DAMN IT.... GOD DAMN IT, I DROPPED MY TRUCK. This in the growly, intimidating imitation of a truck driver. After we finally settled our hysterics I think we explained well enough why someone shouldn't talk like that.

2. One of the most favorite things that Josh says is "Lucy" Lucy is our little jack russell. She is small in stature, but a huge part of the family. Joshua, with his pronunciation still in development, can not say L's very well. It is so adorable to hear him say "OOSey"

3. Speaking of trouble with L's.... At Villa Grande one night Joshua asks Dutch (ok... whines and whines) for his LEMON. The one that comes with the water. In a direct effort to assist Josh with his pronunciation, Dutch says "Joshua, say La La La Lemon". In his cutest, most innocent, adorable face, Joshua repeats " La, La, La WOMEN!!!"

4. I was not present for this memory, but Dutch had a chance to take Joshua to see the Monster Truck show in Pittsburgh. Ron Grenci and Howie went along. I guess on the way out of the parking lot traffic got a bit much for the 4 "men". Ron kept making the suggestion under his breath that he wanted to "pound" one of the drivers. Finally, Josh in again, his most growly intimidating voice ever says to his Buddy Ron. "C'mon Ron, Let's POUND someone!!"

I know there are more entries to include in this particular post... I will need to jog my memory and try to get a few more written down. But for now....

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